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Hammer Ventures (HV) is a group of real estate ventures primarily dedicated to the acquisition and development of multifamily, office, and mixed use properties in Southern California. Privately held and based in San Diego, California, the firm is recognized as an entrepreneurial leader in the development of Class “A” assets in prime urban locations. Since the firm’s inception in 2000, it has developed a portfolio valued in excess of $1.75-billion. HV is dedicated to the progression of urban communities and to delivering superior returns to its investors.


HV focuses on sourcing the best possible opportunities in the marketplace through diligence, resourcefulness, and our extensive network of contacts. We believe the best projects derive their success from a combination of entrepreneurial vision, an attractive acquisition basis design acumen, and focused project management with a strong emphasis on cost control. Our specific and local knowledge is continually leveraged to identify undervalued assets and deliver outstanding investment returns.

Once an opportunity is acquired, development services including capital placement, financial analysis, entitlement procurement, financial reporting, construction management, property management, and asset disposition are the firm’s typical methods of hands-on value creation.

When outsourcing third-party tasks, we work with the highest caliber consultants on our various projects.


HV has developed prime urban properties in the cities of San Diego and Los Angeles. It has also acquired and developed well-located suburban properties throughout San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial Counties. We specialize in both apartment and condominium projects and have ample experience in a broad range of uses that typically contain multifamily housing. Condominium, row home, apartment, retail, office, and mixed-use projects are all target development products for HV. Below is a list of representative opportunities of interest:

  1. Any value-add opportunity in a prime urban location
  2. Infill urban land for the new construction of housing, office or mixed-use development
  3. Existing apartments, urban office, or urban retail for renovation and repositioning
  4. Adaptive re-use opportunities
  5. Condominium conversions in both urban and well-located suburban areas
  6. Assets with vacancy, capitalization, or ownership issues


HV believes that excellent relationships with equity and debt partners are vital to the success of a real estate development program. Integrity and transparency are deeply rooted in our operational culture. Our progress and financial reporting meet the requirements of the most meticulous financial institutions. HV welcomes strong partnership alignment and co-invests our own equity in every project with its private equity fund partners or high net worth Investors.

Since our inception, we have worked with prominent institutional capital sources for both equity and debt. We manage projects, internal operations, partnership agreements, and relationships in a professional and straightforward manner that allows us to continue to thrive in an institutional capital environment. To learn more, please use the password provided by HV to review further materials in the “Equity” and “Debt” links.


HV places emphasis on creating and maintaining strong broker relationships. We recognize these relationships are instrumental to our continued success. Brokers can expect transparency, professionalism, respect, and incentives when working with HV. We are an active and competitive buyer of listed properties and encourage and reward off-market opportunities. Below is a list of incentives HV offers to further its cooperation with the brokerage community.

Closing is everything, and Hammer has a proven and impressive track record of efficiently closing transactions as small as $10,000,000 and as large as $200,000,000. We would never have been able to acquire at such high volume in the last decade without the confidence and preference of the brokerage community. We have the experience, infrastructure, financial strength, and access to capital that makes us a logical and trusted buyer.

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